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Routine Dental Treatment in Expat Dental Insurance plan

International Dental Insurance plans will cover your routine dental treatment that generally consists of annual check-ups, tooth cleaning and simple fillings related to cavities or decay. Emergency treatments and minor surgeries are often included in Expat dental insurance plans.

A Routine International Dental Insurance Plan may include the following:

Examinations –any visit to or consultations from a dentist.

Cleaning - the removal of stains and plaque by a qualified dentist.

X-rays - this expensive procedure is often performed by the dentist in order to see the teeth below the gum line.

Tooth Extraction – the removal of impacted or rotten teeth.

Prescriptions - any medicine prescribed by a dentist.

Occlusion bar -This is used to prevent the chewing surfaces at the back of the mouth becoming flat due to grinding of the teeth.

Root Canal - the nerve of the tooth is removed from the canal and replaced.

Emergency dental treatment - treatment received in a dental emergency room for the repair of damage caused in an accident.

Local anesthesia – contained to a specific area, relives the feeling of pain during an operation.

Fillings -insurance companies usually only allow tooth colored fillings on the front teeth (anterior). When composites are done on the back teeth (posterior), the insurance company usually pays surgeries/hospitals for an amalgam (silver filling).

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