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First Aid - heavy bleeding

The most important trick to remember with bleeding is to apply pressure. It is better if someone else you trust can apply the pressure for you, but if alone, do it yourself the best you can. Use a clean bit of fabric or clothing folded up and hold the wounded area very firmly, more firmly than you would imagine. Applying ice can also help reduce bleeding.

Broken bones that come through the skin can be a problem as it hurts too much to apply pressure and doing so could cause further damage. Raise the area above your heart and hold firmly above the injury e.g if broken forearm bone is showing through the skin, hold the armpit firmly, this will reduce bloodflow to the injured arm.

If you are bleeding from your arms or hands, make sure you have them raised above your heart, same with your legs and feet. Gravity works in your favor. Sit down when you are bleeding, walking around and standing up makes your heart pump out more blood; the less activity you are doing, the better. Get to a doctor or hospital ASAP.
Bleeding can lead to shock. Ensure you have warm clothes on and try to relax by taking deep breaths.

If someone around you is bleeding be aware of blood transferral. If they are not a family member or friend, be hesitant to help someone who is bleeding. If you do, ensure you don't let the blood have contact with your skin, especially if you have any scratches or wounds.