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First Aid - Choking

Choking means that your body isn't getting oxygen. It is vital to get the object out of your throat ASAP or there will be serious consequences. Time is of the essence.
If you are choking first try coughing, then firm wacks on the back. If this doesn't work you need to apply quick firm pressure just above your tummy button. This is known as the Heimlich manoeuvre. It is best if someone else can do this for you by standing behind you, clenching both hands together around your trunk with their thumb knuckle sticking into your stomach just above your tummy button. Holding tight, fast upward and inward motions will cause the diaphragm to push air from your lungs into your mouth through the blocked area of your throat. Basically it is like a hug from behind. If you are alone, try to reinact this process by leaning over a chair, using the top edge of the back of the chair as if it were the person's arms. Do not repeat more than five times. Try varying the position of the thumb knuckle slightly if it is not successfull on the first try.

Usually the Heimlich manoeurve will work and the object will come flying out of your mouth. However, if it doesn't, call an ambulance or get to a hospital the fastest way possible.