Expat Medical Insurance will take care of your medical insurance needs regardless of where in the world you choose to travel, live or work.

As a reliable and well-known insurance intermediary we work with a variety of international insurers. This gives us an opportunity to provide insurance policies that fit individual customer requirements.

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Why choose ihi Bupa?

People at International Health Insurance Danmark pride themselves in the highest quality of service and care for their clients.

Some of the benefits that make IHI one of the premier International Medical Insurance companies are:

  • Guaranteed lifetime membership.
  • Chronic conditions are covered in full.
  • Congenital and hereditary conditions are covered in full.
  • Children are born into policies,
  • In-house 24 hour emergency services.
  • IHI employs 10 doctors to insure that their policyholders get the best advice about where to be treated. They arrange medical evacuations and offer a second medical opinion in case of treatment. They also perform personal health assessments.
  • Worldwide cover with no geographic restrictions.
  • Children are covered free of charge until the age of 10.
  • Claims are reimbursed within 10 days.
  • Treatment arising from Acts of Terrorism is covered.
  • IHI has a worldwide network of more than 10,000 hospitals with which they settle direct billing.
  • Sports injuries are covered, including professional sports.
  • Flexible modular system that allows a client to tailor any insurance policy according to their specific needs.

Please contact our team of experts for your free quote on an ihi Bupa plan.