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Expat Maternity Insurance

Expecting and having a child is one of the most exciting things in life. However, it can often be very stressful and frightening, especially if there are complications during pregnancy during labor or at birth. During this life changing period the last thing you should be worrying about is whether you will be able to afford the medical bills associated with your newborn.

Maternity plans can be very comprehensive and provide complete coverage. However, in order to keep premiums down, some insurers offer plans with a cap or a maximum amount covered. Most plans have extra coverage in the event of complications; i.e. emergency cesareans. It is important to make sure that the international maternity plan you chose covers expenses with congenital birth defects.

These are some expatriate maternity insurance benefits you can expect:

  • Pre and postnatal treatment
  • Medically prescribed caesarean costs
  • Delivery costs following fertility treatment
  • Home delivery costs
  • Home nursing costs in connection with home delivery

Most international medical insurance plans we offer give you an opportunity to add expatriate maternity insurance if you so desire. However, be aware that most of these plans declare a certain amount of time before the policyholder can make a claim; this is known as a waiting period.

We often find customers seeking insurance for newborns so we have provided an information page dealing specifically with newborn child coverage.

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