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New Born Child Coverage

Many maternity plans offer a newborn child benefit. Newborn coverage is usually subject to a waiting period of 10 months or more from the start of the plan. In most cases you will be able to make claims for a new born child when you receive maternity benefits.

Typical options offered by many insurance companies in regards to new born coverage are:

1. Limited Free Benefit for the Child

The insurer will offer free coverage of typically 30 days or $30,000 maximum coverage for your newborn child. Before the 30 day limit is reached, an application should be made for the child to have continual coverage. This option is usually linked directly to the maternity policy benefit

2. Born into the Plan Coverage

The infant is born into the plan??and will be guaranteed coverage no matter the status of their health. For this to happen it is important to notify the insurance company soon after the birth. Premiums will normally be increased after adding a new born to a plan.

When a child is born with medical problems it is referred to as having a Congenital Birth Defect.

Some congenital birth defects can be very expensive to treat. It is important to know what coverage you can expect for your infant. The following list provides some examples of conditions covered under congenital birth defect insurance. The list is not exclusive and coverage can differ with insurers.

  • Congenital Infections
  • Structural/Metabolic
  • Genetic
  • Heart and Circulatory System Defects

Having a child should be one of the most joyous experiences in life. Worrying about your medical coverage is not something a new parent should have to do. Please contact our medical consultants to find out what is covered by which international maternity insurance plans.