Expat Medical Insurance will take care of your medical insurance needs regardless of where in the world you choose to travel, live or work.

As a reliable and well-known insurance intermediary we work with a variety of international insurers. This gives us an opportunity to provide insurance policies that fit individual customer requirements.

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International Health Insurance Plans

  • Personal
    these plans are designed for Individuals. They are annual, flexible and allow you to include or exclude various options depending on your personal preferences or medical requirements.
  • Family
    Protect your family by choosing a Family Medical Insurance Plan that will cover all of the medical needs of your loved ones.
  • Group
    whether it is a company, sports team or a social club, you will be protected with a Group Medical Insurance policy.
  • Travel
    International Medical Insurance Travel Plans are for people either traveling or working outside their home country. They can be custom-made for different time periods, but a single trip cannot exceed 12 months.
  • Teacher Quotation
    these are plans for Teachers working outside their home country, they are available in 3 different levels and offer significant discounts when compared with the normal individual plans.