Expat Medical Insurance will take care of your medical insurance needs regardless of where in the world you choose to travel, live or work.

As a reliable and well-known insurance intermediary we work with a variety of international insurers. This gives us an opportunity to provide insurance policies that fit individual customer requirements.

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Individual Expat Health Insurance Plans

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Whether you require an individual health insurance plan or are thinking about including your future or existing family, our advisers can provide you with a wide variety of plans selectively based on your specific situation and future plans.

Expat Medical Insurance works with some of the world's best and most well known international health insurance providers. Through years of experience, we have nurtured relationships with various companies so we can offer the best quality service to you. Occasionally, we can provide rates that are lower than going directly to the insurance provider.

Insurance plans from international health insurance groups are not tied to any country. If, in the course of a year, you move to a different place, or move back home, most of the time your coverage will stay the same and the policy will not change. However, there are a few exceptions, so be sure to speak to one of our advisers if you are planning on returning to your home country during your period of coverage.

Insurance plans for expatriates combine the freedom and flexibly needed for a world traveler. They are guaranteed renewable and the premium will only change based on your age and not on the costs of filed claims . Our advisers can help you customize the plan to include maternity, dental, chronic conditions, travel, personal accidents, and many other additions. If you are looking to keep your premiums low, we can advise you on a range of deductibles (excess), as well as on your options in selecting an in-patient only plan or one with out-patient cover. In-patient only means that your premiums will be low and you will be covered in case of an emergency or surgery and your hospital costs will be covered after your deductible (excess.)

Pre-existing medical or chronic conditions can often be covered. Our staff would be happy to help you select the best international health insurance group that would cover the costs of such conditions. Please contact us for further help.