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Chronic Conditions in Expatriate Health Insurance Plans

As you will look through different international healthcare insurance plans, you will notice that generally there are two main areas of coverage:

  • Worldwide
  • Worldwide excluding US and Canada

A chronic condition is defined as an illness or injury which has no recognized cure and is recurrent in nature. Some examples of chronic conditions are diabetes, asthma, hypertension, and heart conditions. Once you are diagnosed with a chronic condition you will most likely have to receive treatment for the rest of your life, therefore health insurance companies pay close attention to this matter.

Treatment offered by insurance plans varies greatly in situations regarding chronic conditions. It is important to know that some Expat Medical Insurance plans will not cover any treatments for chronic conditions while others may have an annual or lifetime limit of coverage. Basically, if the insurance plan covers chronic conditions in full, it will most likely be very expensive. Therefore, if you have already developed a chronic condition , make sure to check your expatriate health insurance plan for all of the details regarding your situation.

As a person gets older, the treatment for chronic conditions is likely to be ongoing and very expensive. We advise, therefore, if you older that you purchase an insurance plan that provides coverage of all expenses related to your chronic condition.

The consultants on staff can aid you in choosing an insurer that would provide full coverage, limited coverage, or excluded coverage for your particular condition. Feel free to contact a consultant that will present you with a variety of quotes to find the perfect Expat Medical Insurance plan for you.