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Deductible (Excess)

Deductible/ Excess is an amount of money defined in an expat medical insurance plan which you agree to pay. The deductibles are agreed by both the insurer and the insured as either out upon per condition treatment or per hospital and doctor visit. It is not compulsory to have deductibles but it can mean your premium will be lower.

Our advisers can help you in choosing the right level of deductible depending on your income and preferences. Please contact them to discover several different personalized options for you, your family, or group. Depending on the plan, you can choose different deductable and excess rates. It's a great way to keep your premiums low, without sacrificing any benefits.

The three main types of deductibles are:

1. Per Condition
This deductible is applied once for treatment of a condition and is the amount of the claim that you agreed to pay. This happens to be the most common form of deductible in international medical insurance plans.

i.e.: A $30 USD deductible is applied for the course of treatment for an illness. If the total bill comes to $100, then the insurance company reimburses $70. If the total bill from three visits for the same condition comes to $300, then $270 is reimbursed by the insurance company.

2. Annual
An annual deductible or excess is agreed upon between the policyholder and the international medical insurance company. When the deductible is reached, all further expenses are reimbursed in full by the foreign medical insurance company.

i.e.: A visit to the doctors costs $100 USD. If the annual deductible is $500, then after five visits to the doctor for the separate conditions of $100 each, all the further expenses will be reimbursed by the medical insurance company. Once you have paid $500, any other visits will be reimbursed in full. This value will then be renewed at the end of each year.

3. Percentage Cover (Co-Payment)
Medical expenses are reimbursed by calculating a percentage of the total expenses based on the type of treatment received. If you have a deductible of 20%, then you pay 20% of the medical expenses and the remaining 80% will be reimbursed by the international medication insurance company.

i.e.: For the deductible of 20% on a specific type of care, if the total bill comes to $100 USD, you will pay $20, and the insurance company will reimburse $80.