Expat Medical Insurance will take care of your medical insurance needs regardless of where in the world you choose to travel, live or work.

As a reliable and well-known insurance intermediary we work with a variety of international insurers. This gives us an opportunity to provide insurance policies that fit individual customer requirements.

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General Exclusions in an Expat health Insurance Plan

Many international health insurance plans have exclusions for which the policyholder will not be reimbursed. Generally, those exclusions concern pre-existing conditions, therefore it is beneficial for you to talk to an insurance adviser regarding the best options for your situation. Our staff is readily available to discuss different options and possibilities to minimize the exclusions in your international health insurance plan.

In most cases, international health insurance companies will not cover any pre-existing condition known to the policyholder unless it was previously discussed and agreed upon by the insurance company. General exclusions for the policyholder that will not be reimbursed by most international health insurance include:

  • Cosmetic surgery or treatment (unless previously approved by the insurer).
  • Obesity surgery i.e. gastric bypass surgery.
  • AIDS or HIV related diseases - However, these will be covered if it is proven that the condition was contracted due to a blood transfusion after commencement of the insurance, or as a result of an accident during the course of your normal occupation.
  • Conditions contracted due to the abuse of alcohol, drugs, or medications will not be covered.
  • Any intentionally self-inflicted bodily injuries - i.e. suicide attempts.
  • Conditions arising due to contraception including sterilization.
  • Induced abortion unless medically prescribed.
  • Any kind of fertility testing or treatment including hormone treatment.
  • Treatment for sexual dysfunction.
  • Any kind of experimental care that is not part of general medical or surgical treatment, including stays in nursing homes.
  • Treatment or medications associated with naturopaths or homeopaths and other alternative methods of treatment, unless stated in the specific insurer's list of reimbursements.
  • Health certificates.
  • Treatment of diseases during military service.
  • Treatment for sickness or injuries directly or indirectly caused while actively engaging in: war, invasion, acts of a foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war has been declared or not), civil war, terrorist acts, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, civil unrest, military or usurped power, martial law, riots or the acts of any lawfully constituted authority, army, or naval and air services operations.
  • Reactions caused by nuclear or radioactive fallout. Treatment performed by the insured, his/her spouse, parents, children, or an enterprise owned by one of the aforementioned persons.
  • Epidemics which have been placed under the direction of public authorities.
  • Treatment by a psychologist.

Please contact us regarding your specific situation so we can help you choose the international health insurance plan.