Expat Medical Insurance will take care of your medical insurance needs regardless of where in the world you choose to travel, live or work.

As a reliable and well-known insurance intermediary we work with a variety of international insurers. This gives us an opportunity to provide insurance policies that fit individual customer requirements.

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Pre-Existing Conditions

We offer many ways to get your pre-existing condition covered.

Here are the various options for your plans:

1. A general plan which will initially not cover any pre-existing medical conditions. Usually after 2 years this exclusion will be examined again and considered for coverage. You have a greater chance of being covered after two years if you can prove you haven't shown symptoms of the condition or received any treatment since signing up.

2. Another option some insurers offer is to increase your premium to cover the treatment of your pre-existing condition. Though this isn't done often we are happy to help you find a company that will able to add your condition to their plan.

3. In group plans with large amounts of people it is possible for all people in it to be covered for all pre-existing conditions, even maternity. Please note that this is only possible for larger sized groups, typically at least 15 people.

If you need more information please contact our advisors and they will assist you to find the appropriate coverage.