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Foreign Travel Medical Insurance Plans

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When obtaining any type of health insurance, it is always important to be aware of the policy's terms and conditions. A plan's terms and conditions will illustrate the exact level of coverage that the policyholder will receive as well as any additional benefits that they may be entitled to. We have provided the key conditions of the IHI travel policy below.

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Application and acceptance of insurance Go to the Top

  • All applications for an international health insurance travel plan must be approved by IHI Danmark.
  • Individuals who are 80 years old as of the date of commencement for the plan are not eligible to be covered by an IHI travel insurance plan.
  • If an individual is under the age of 80 at the start of the policy, coverage will stop once they reach the age of 80.
  • All underwriting and issuance of policy schedules are made from IHI's headquarters in Copenhagen , Denmark .

Commencement of the Plan and Policy extensions Go to the Top

  • The policy will only be valid if the premium has been paid prior to the start of the plan.
  • The policy will last from the date that the policyholder leaves their home country until the day which they return home. Both of these dates are inclusive in the insurance plan and the policy holder will be completely covered.
    • Should a policyholder purchase the policy while they are outside of their home country then there will be a three day waiting period before coverage commences.
    • In the event of a serious injury in connection with an accident, the right to compensation shall, however, take effect concurrently with the date of commencement of the insurance.
  • IHI travel insurance plans are valid for multiple trips throughout the year however, no single trip should exceed one calendar month; i.e. if an annual policyholder starts a journey on the 5th of June, then they will be covered up to and including the 4th of July.
    • If an annual plan policyholder needs to extend the length of coverage, they can contact IHI and purchase additional travel days for the period exceeding one month.
    • If an annual policyholder purchases additional travel days prior to departing on the journey, then coverage will be applied with no interruptions during the transition into the extended period.
  • If a single trip plan is purchased, the policyholder is limited to a trip consisting of no more than 12 months in duration.
    • A single trip policy can be extended by purchasing additional days from IHI however, any illnesses, injuries, or symptoms displayed during the previous coverage period will not be covered from the start date of the extension.

Who is Covered Go to the Top

  • Any individual named on the insurance card or policy schedule is covered by the IHI travel insurance plan.
  • Children under the age of 2 are provided free cover after the policyholder has registered the child with IHI as long as the policyholder has legal custody of the child and the child resides at the same home address.

Area of Coverage Go to the Top

  • IHI travel plans provide world wide protection.
  • Travel plans will not provide cover while you are in your home country.

What is Covered Go to the Top

  • An IHI travel plan will provide coverage in accordance with the benefit table listed on the previous page.
    • The coverage limit per insured person on the plan will not exceed USD$ 300,000.
  • In the event that a policyholder is evacuated or repatriated, any children under the age of 18 will be compensated for reasonable travel expenses.

Medical Cover Go to the Top

  • International health insurance travel plans will cover all medical expenses incurred by the policyholder in the event of acute illness or injury in accordance with the benefit table on the previous page.
  • The plan will not cover any pre-existing conditions, chronic conditions, reoccurring illnesses, or disorders if the policyholder has:
    • Been hospitalized at any point 6 months prior to the commencement of the policy.
    • Has had a change of medication for an illness 6 months prior to the commencement of the policy.
    • Has refused medical treatment or medication for any condition prior to the commencement of the plan.
    • Has reached a point where treatment has been abandoned or has been refused treatment for a condition prior to the commencement of coverage.
    • Has been referred to another place of treatment or is waiting to receive treatment for a condition prior to the commencement of the policy.
    • The insurance does not cover expenses for control, treatment, and medications in connection with the stabilization or regulation of pre-existing, chronic, or recurrent conditions. The insurance does not cover treatment which should have been given prior to departure.
    • Physicians, specialists, dentists, etc. performing the treatment must have authorization in the country of practice. Furthermore, the method must be approved by the public health authorities in the country where the treatment takes place. Methods of treatment not yet approved by the public health authorities, but under scientific research, will only be covered if approved in advance by IHI's medical consultants.
    • IHI has the right to demand that the insured be repatriated in order to receive treatment in the country of permanent residence, if the company's medical consultant and the treating physician agree that treatment can be postponed until the insured has been transferred to his/her country of permanent residence.

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Go to the Top

  • Compensation will be given for reasonable additional expenses incurred for the insured's medical evacuation or repatriation in the event of an acute serious illness, serious injury, or death.
  • Insurance shall provide coverage subject to the treating physician and IHI's medical consultant agreeing on the necessity of transferring the insured and on whether the insured should be transferred to his/her country of permanent residence or to another place of treatment.
  • One transportation associated with the same illness is covered
  • In the event of the insured's death, expenses for home transportation of the deceased and for statutory arrangements such as embalming and a zinc coffin shall be reimbursed. The next-of-kin have the choice of one of the following options:
    • Cremation of the deceased and home transportation of the urn


    • Home transportation of the deceased.
    • Expenses shall be reimbursed for repatriation for any 2 of the summoned relatives or fellow-travelers of the deceased. IHI shall compensate travel expenses equivalent to the cost of an airplane ticket on economy class.
  • If the insured is unable to continue the trip due to an acute illness covered by the insurance, additional and reasonable travel expenses shall be covered when the insured is able to travel again and when accepted by IHI prior to the change of travel itinerary.


Return Trip Coverage Go to the Top

  • The insurance shall cover a return trip to the destination abroad if the insured has been medically evacuated because of an illness, injury, if the insured has been repatriated, or used the ¡§Compassionate Emergency Repatriation¡¨ benefit.
  • The incident causing the return trip must be covered by the insurance and the insurance must still be valid at the time of the return trip.
  • IHI shall compensate travel expenses equivalent to the cost of a return airplane ticket on economy class. The destination for the return trip must always be the destination where the insured would have been according to his/her original travel plan at the time of the return trip.

Compassionate Emergency Repatriation Go to the Top

  • The insurance will provide coverage in the event that the insured terminates his/her stay abroad prematurely because a close relative in the insured's country of permanent residence dies or is hospitalized as a result of a serious acute illness or injury occurring after the departure of the insured.
    • In cases of doubt, the decision will be left with IHI's medical consultants, and if necessary, with the treating physician. In the event of death, a death certificate must be submitted to the IHI.
    • A close relative is defined as being a spouse/partner, residing and registered at the same address as the insured, a child, a son or daughter-in-law, a grandchild, a parent, a grandparent, a parent-in-law, a brother or sister.
  • One transportation associated with the same illness, injury, or death is covered.
  • No compensation shall be paid if the injured in question is a fellow-traveler who has already been repatriated.
  • Repatriation shall only be covered if the ensuing time of arrival is at least 12 hours earlier than the insured's originally planned time of arrival.
  • Compensation shall be paid for reasonable additional traveling expenses equivalent to the cost of an airplane ticket on economy class.

Next of Kin Accompaniment and Compassionate emergency visit Go to the Top

  • The insurance shall cover accompaniment in the event of serious acute illness, serious injury, death and/or medical evacuation, and repatriation of the insured. It is a condition for coverage that IHI's medical consultant and the attending physician agree upon in which the duration of the stay in hospital will be a minimum of 5 days and nights, or that the condition of the insured is life-threatening.
  • The insured is entitled to a maximum of two persons accompanying him/her. The accompanying persons may either be fellow-travelers or relatives who are summoned from the insured's country of permanent residence to accompany the insured.
  • IHI shall compensate additional travel expenses equivalent to the cost of a return airplane ticket on economy class per summoned person. Furthermore, compensation shall be made for a maximum of USD 300/EUR 250/ CHF 400/GBP 170 per day for each summoned person or fellow-traveler for expenses in connection with accommodation, board and local transport.
  • The insurance shall only cover a compassionate emergency visit one time in connection with the same insured event.

Exceptions for Compensation (exclusions) Go to the Top

  • The Company shall not be liable to pay compensation for expenses which concern, are due to or are incurred as a result of:
    • Any illness, injury, bodily infirmity or physical disability and consequences thereof which have come into existence or shown symptoms before the insurance became effective or if an annual travel plan has been chosen before each trip abroad.
    • Cosmetic surgery or treatment and consequences thereof unless medically prescribed and approved by the insurance company.
    • Recreational treatment.
    • Pre-existing diseases of the teeth and dental treatment which does not cause pain and can await the insured party's arrival home.
      • Dentures are also not covered under an IHI travel plan
    • Venereal diseases, AIDS, AIDS related diseases, and diseases relating to HIV antibodies (HIV positive).
    • Medical and maternity assistance arising after the 36 th week of pregnancy and after the 18 th week when the pregnancy is the result of any kind of fertility treatment and/or the insured is expecting more than one child.
      • Induced abortions which are not medically prescribed will not be covered.
    • Treatment relating to the abuse of alcohol, drugs and/or medicines.
    • Self inflicted intentional bodily injury.
    • Treatment by naturopaths, naturopathic medicines, and any other alternative methods of treatment.
    • Treatment for sickness or injuries directly or indirectly caused while actively engaging in:
      • War, invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities (whether war has been declared or not), civil war, terrorist acts, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, civil commotion, military or usurped power, martial law, riots or the acts of any lawfully constituted authority, or army naval or air service operations.
    • Nuclear reactions or radioactive fallout.
    • Treatment performed by the insured, his/her spouse, parents, children, or any enterprise owned by one of the aforementioned persons.
    • Epidemics which have been placed under the direction of public authorities.
    • Treatment prescribed by psychologists, unless prescribed by physicians in connection with emergency relief.
    • Routine medical check ups, vaccinations, and other preventative treatments.
    • The insured resisting or failing to comply with medical directions issued by IHI's medical consultants or treating physicians.
    • The insured resisting medical evacuation/repatriation.
    • Transportation which has not been arranged by IHI.
      • Expenses equivalent to those that IHI would have reimbursed if it had been notified of the transportation shall be covered.
    • Medical treatments and examinations which can await the insured's return home.
    • Private room in hospital unless medically prescribed and approved by IHI.
    • Any treatment which is not necessary or is not directly related to the diagnosis covered by the insurance.
    • Active participation in any motor sport show, race, or competition.
    • Any illness or injury resulting from active engagement in any illegal act.

How to report a claim Go to the Top

  • Compensation shall be paid following IHI's approval of the expenses being covered by the insurance after a fully completed claim form has been submitted to the company together with the original, receipted and itemized bills as well as other relevant documentation such as medical information, flight tickets, and travel documents.
  • In no event shall the amount compensated exceed the amount shown on the bill.
    • If the insured receives compensation from IHI in excess of the amount to which he/she is entitled, the insured shall be under the obligation to repay the company for the excess amount immediately. Subsequent compensation made by IHI will first be written down by any outstanding amount.
  • Compensation payments shall be limited to the usual customary and reasonable charges in the area or country in which treatment is provided.
  • IHI shall be notified immediately in the case of death, hospitalization, emergency repatriation, medical evacuation, or accompaniment, and such notification must include medical information about the illness or injury.
    • Notification should be made by telephone or email to IHI's 24 hour emergency service; the company shall defray all expenses incurred in this connection.
  • Claims shall be reported to IHI no later than 30 days after the expiry of the insurance.
  • Complaints regarding IHI's claim handling process shall be filed no later than 30 days after receipt of the compensation amount.

Cover by third parties Go to the Top

    • When overlapping coverage is provided by another insurance policy or healthcare plan, this must be disclosed to IHI when claiming reimbursement.
    • In these circumstances, IHI will co-ordinate payments with the other companies and IHI will not be responsible for more than its ratable portion.
    • If the claim has been covered in whole or in part by any scheme or program funded by any government, IHI shall not be liable for the amount covered.
    • The policyholder and any insured person should cooperate with IHI and notify IHI immediately of any claim or right of action against third parties.
      • Furthermore, the policyholder and any insured person shall keep IHI fully informed and will take any reasonable steps in making a claim against another party and to safeguard the interests of IHI.
    • In any event, IHI will have the full right of subrogation.


Payment of premium Go to the Top

  • Premiums, including renewal premiums for IHI annual travel, are determined by IHI and shall be payable in advance for the whole insurance period before the commencement of the insurance.
  • The policyholder shall be responsible for punctual payment of the premium to IHI.
  • In the event of failure to pay before the commencement of insurance, the insurance shall not be effective and IHI shall not become liable.
  • Refund of the premium is possible only if a written request is received by IHI prior to the commencement date of the insurance.
    • IHI will charge a fee in connection with refund of a premium.
    • After the commencement date of the insurance, the premium is considered fully earned and nonrefundable.

Necessary information to the company Go to the Top

  • The policyholder and/or the insured shall be under obligation to notify IHI of any health insurance coverage or a similar coverage under a policy with another company or government.
  • The policyholder and/or the insured shall also be under the obligation to provide IHI with all obtainable information required for IHI's handling of the policyholder's claim against the company.
  • In addition the company is entitled to seek information about the insured's state of health and to contact any hospital, physician, etc. who is treating or has been treating the insured for physical, mental, or any other disorders.
    • Furthermore, the company is entitled to obtain any medical records or other written reports and statements concerning the insured's state of health.

Assignment, cancellation and expiry Go to the Top

  • Without the prior written consent of IHI, no party shall be entitled to change or assign the rights under the insurance.
  • If IHI Annual Travel has been chosen, the insurance is automatically renewed on each policy anniversary.
    • The insurance can be cancelled by the policyholder or by IHI at the policy anniversary with a written notice given one month in advance.
  • When a claim has been filled, the insurance can be cancelled with a one month written notice by the policyholder or by IHI within 14 days after the reimbursement has been affected or rejected by IHI.
  • IHI's liability shall automatically cease at the end of the insurance period. Upon expiry of the insurance, the right to compensation shall cease.
  • The insurance period can be extended for up to 48 hours with no extra premium charge if the return of the insured is delayed without the insured being responsible for the delay.
  • Where upon taking out the insurance of subsequently, the policyholder or insured has fraudulently disclosed incorrect information or withheld facts which may be regarded as being of importance to IHI, the insurance contract shall be considered void and shall not binding.
  • IHI can stop or suspend an insurance product with 3 months notice prior to the policy anniversary.

Disputes, Venue, Etc. Go to the Top
Any disputes in connection with the insurance contract shall be settled in accordance with Danish law, with Copenhagen as the agreed venue. The company is affiliated to Anken?vnet for Forsikring, Anker Heegaards Gade 2, 1572 Copenhagen V. Denmark (the insurance appeals board).

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